With patented technology, Korust launched ‘Bettra’, a home-care medical device for airway clearance.

Writer 최고관리자

Date 22-02-28 11:35

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While the spread of COVID 19 is not being caught, the season of fine dust and yellow dust is returning. As the degree of pollution of the air we breathe increases, many diseases related to the lungs arise and become more serious.

Korust Co., Ltd. is attracting attention by announcing they are launching an airway clearing medical device ‘Bettra’ that can be used at home.

Bettra’, an airway clearing medical device, has been installed and used by large hospitals both domestically and internationally over last 10 years with the name of CAREWAY, and now available at home.

It is a medical device that uses high-frequency air vibration waves of up to 20Hz to separate and remove lung secretions deposited in the alveoli and pulmonary bronchioles. It is registered as a medical device by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and it is a product that has been verified in domestic and international hospitals.

An official from Korust said, "We hope that the release of Bettra, an airway clearance medical device, will help lung health these days, where wearing a mask and air purifiers are essential."