Actor Yoo Ji-tae selected as the exclusive model for 'Bettra', an airway clearance medical device

Writer 최고관리자

Date 22-02-28 11:34

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Actor Yoo Ji-tae has been selected as the exclusive model for the airway clearance medical device ‘Bettra’, which is about to be released in February 2022.

A Korust official said, "We decided that actor Yoo Ji-tae's sincere and trustworthy image would fit well with our product Bettra, a home-care medical device. The contract went smoothly with understanding of the importance of our product.

'Bettra' will start full-scale publicity by launching advertisements around the end of February. It is expected to have a big impact on the market with the title of the first airway clearance medical device that discharges waste deposits such as fine dust and mucus.

In addition, Bettra plans to reach consumers with the two advantages of convenience and efficiency. Breaking away from the heavy image of a medical device that was supplied to large hospitals, it can be used easily and conveniently at home while using medical technology as it is.

Although it is a rather unfamiliar product as an airway clearance medical device, it is expected to be of great help in managing lung health these days, when lung health is a hot topic due to COVID 19, fine dust, and yellow dust.