Even at home, clean your lungs. The opening of a direct-managed exhibition hall for ‘Bettra’, an airway clearance medical device, is imminent.

Writer 최고관리자

Date 22-02-28 11:30

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It was announced that the opening of a direct-managed exhibition hall for ‘Bettra’, a home-care lung clearing medical device, was imminent.

Bettra is a medical device unfamiliar to us. An official explained that the high-frequency air vibration waves produced by Bettra are delivered to the chest area and discharge the lung deposits such as fine dust, sputum, and mucus that have accumulated deep in the lungs.

Although we are all too familiar with the novel coronavirus, pneumonia, COPD, and pulmonary tuberculosis, little is known about how to protect lung health. Once damaged, the lungs are an irreversible organ, which is why daily management is so important.

In this respect, 'Bettra' of Korust is a medical device with many meanings. Keeping the lungs clean not only prevents many diseases, but also helps to maintain the balance of acids and bases in the body by smoothly delivering oxygen to our body.

As much as it is unfamiliar, a place where you can experience it is also essential. The Korust Co., Ltd. said that it plans to open an exhibition hall in Teheran-ro (Woojun Tower) at the end of February, and is waiting for consumers who want to experience Bettra. The first directly managed exhibition hall in Korea is located in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

A Bettra official said, "As the product is unfamiliar, a place where consumers can directly experience it is essential. As it opens at the end of February, we are expecting many customers to visit.”