Exhibited in KIMES 2021, an electric chest wall oscillator developed by Korust.

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Date 22-02-28 11:36

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Korust Co., Ltd. will participate in 'KIMES BUSAN 2021' to be held at the 2nd Exhibition Hall of BEXCO, Busan for 3 days from October 29 (Fri) to 31 (Sun). Introducing 'CAREWAY'.

'CAREWAY' of Korust, a company specializing in ultrasound, was first introduced to the market 8 years ago and is an electric chest wall oscillator developed for patients who have difficulty in sputum clearance.

A Korust official said, "It was a product that gained more demand recently due to COVID 19 outbreak after getting word-of-mouth on users without any special marketing. Currently, many national hospitals are using CAREWAY, and it is gaining popularity due to its convenience and great effects.”

CAREWAY is a product that helps to clear the airways of patients with moderate to severe disease who have difficulty removing phlegm on their own. It is widely used not only for simple sputum discharge, but also for the treatment of most lung diseases such as pneumonia and COPD, and the indications are gradually expanding.

An official said, "We plan to secure a distribution network and explain business feasibility through on-site consultations at this exhibition, and furthermore, by supplying more products, we are looking forward to helping many patients suffering from respiratory diseases."


KIMES BUSAN 2021, which will be held for the 4th time this year, is a regional specialized medical industry exhibition covering Daegu, Ulsan, Gyeongbuk, and Gyeongnam, centering on Busan. The consumption and demand for smartphone healthcare contents and smart wearable devices are rapidly increasing, and competition among related companies is intensifying. IMES BUSAN 2021 provides a venue to exhibit and introduce various types of smart healthcare products and services that are evolving into big data, Internet of Things (IoT), biotechnology (BT), and information and communication technology (ICT).