High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation
- Development of the High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillator and commercializing the technology.
- Numerous patents related to High Frequency Chest Wall oscillator, acquisition of MEDICAL CE, and successful commercialization of the technology.

Ultrasound refers to waves with a frequency of 20Khz or higher, which has a characteristic of penetrating water. It is widely used in the medical field. The most representative use of ultrasound in the medical field is an ultrasound imaging apparatus using transmission and reflection of ultrasound. It is a device that obtains a cross-sectional image of the human body by visualizing the time and intensity of the reflected ultrasound while passing through the inside of the human body and passing through each organ.
High-intensity focused ultrasound generator system
- Development of the first high-intensity focused ultrasound generator in Asia for commercialized dermatology model and manufacturing technology.
- Development of 4/7MHz high frequency generator and manufacturing technology
- Patent on concave piezoelectric ceramic impedance matching technology.
High-intensity focused ultrasound measurement and evaluation
- The only measurement evaluation technology and equipment in Korea
Biomimetic heat-denatured phantom
- Thermal denaturation phantom manufacturing facilities
- The only commercialized company in Korea.
Ultrasound production for low-intensity therapy
- Development of many research models
- Dissemination of university research models
- Ultrasonic generator matching technology
Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) Ultrasonic Patches
- PVDF ultrasonic generation technology

Shock Wave
A shock wave is generated when air is compressed in a very short time or when an object such as a bullet moves through the air at the speed of sound or faster than an aircraft. The pressure wave in the gas is usually transmitted at a constant speed such as sound in both the compressed part and the expanded part, but when the pressure changes rapidly, the expanded part changes gradually while the compression part changes abruptly, and the waveform is distorted. As the wave passes, a sudden increase in pressure, density, or velocity is felt. In electrical engineering, an impulse voltage, or current, is also called a shock wave. The impulse current, or voltage, refers to the generation of very high energy for a very short time.
Shock wave generator
- Development of electromagnetic shock wave generator and manufacturing technology.
Shockwave measurement and diagnostic system
- Development of shock wave exposure measurement device
- Technology of Extracorporeal shock wave diagnosis system using ultrasound device
Extracorporeal Shockwave Crusher (ESWL)
- Development and manufacturing technology of extracorporeal shock wave therapy device
- Technology for multi-functional portable electromagnetic type extracorporeal shock wave crusher
Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT)
- Development and manufacturing technology of extracorporeal shock wave therapy device
- Technology for developing and manufacturing electromagnetic type extracorporeal shock wave therapy device

- Development and manufacturing technology of C-arm X-ray fluoroscopy device
- Development and manufacturing technology of general X-ray imaging equipment