KORUST Showcases Beauty Solutions at COSME WEEK Tokyo 2024 in Japan

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Date 24-01-31 15:06

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KORUST Co., Ltd. participated in COSME WEEK Tokyo 2024, Japan's largest beauty expo held at Tokyo Big Sight from January 17th to January 19th, 2024. 

COSME WEEK is renowned as Japan's premier beauty exhibition, attracting around 720 B2B and B2C cosmetics industry-related companies from 20 countries 

worldwide to showcase their latest technological advancements.


Under the theme "TOTAL solution for ultrasound treatment," KORUST  exhibited products such as UTIMS MINI S (CENTERLESS HIFU), CELLEON (Skin Cell Synergizer),

Le mette, and GINOXELL (STEM CELL SKIN BOOSTER). The exhibition drew the participation of buyers not only from Japan but also from diverse countries such as 

Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Poland, and the United States. It provided a valuable opportunity for KORUST  to promote its products to spa professionals.


Due to Japan's emphasis on precision and safety, there was significant interest in CELLEON and LE METTE, the ultrasound massagers known for their non-invasive 

enhancement of drug absorption, effective moisturizing care, and collagen regeneration effects.


CELEON employs DDU (Dynamic Dual Ultrasound) technology and 10MHz nano ultrasound energy to deliver skin improvement and lifting effects. DDU, a patented 

technology developed by Corrust, simultaneously utilizes two different ultrasound frequencies to maximize the ultrasonic effects on the skin.


Moreover, the 10MHz nano ultrasound energy serves as an anti-aging method by significantly reducing destructive proteins (MMPs) while simultaneously increasing 

repair proteins (HSPs) and moisturizing factors (GAGs) to restore and maintain healthy skin conditions.


The GINOXELL (STEM CELL BOOSTER) product presented by KORUST features triple functionality, offering skin whitening, radiance, and wrinkle improvement. 

When used in conjunction with CELEON and LE METTE, it provides various advantages, including minimizing the decay of HIFU (skin lifting) ultrasound energy, 

delivering ultrasound energy to the skin over 95% effectively, and achieving three times higher drug absorption and skin improvement effects.


KORUST's products have consistently gained popularity in Japan due to their outstanding quality and technological capabilities. Through participating in 

COSME WEEK, KORUST aims to accelerate its expansion strategy in Japan.