KORUST Co., Ltd. Explores Market Entry Potential in Indonesia through Participation in K-Beauty Expo Indonesia 2023

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Date 23-10-20 17:28

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"KORUST Co., Ltd. Explores Market Entry Potential in Indonesia 

through Participation in K-Beauty Expo Indonesia 2023" 

KORUST CO., Ltd. participated in the "K-Beauty Expo Indonesia 2023" held at the Jakarta, Indonesia from 9/21 to 9/23.

Indonesia is the largest consumer market with the largest GDP and population in Southeast Asia, and is considered 

a promising market for companies that want to enter Southeast Asia due to their high preference for Korean beauty devices and cosmetics.

As the "K-Beauty Expo Indonesia 2023" is a beauty fair, visitors were generally interested in cosmetics and showed a lot of interest in its GINOXELL (STEM CELL BOOSTER).

GINOXELL is a triple-functional (wrinkle care, whitening, illuminating skin) STEM CELL BOOSTER product recently launched by KORUST CO., Ltd. 

When used with Ultrasonic terapy,

1) minimizes the attenuation of ultrasonic energy during HIFU (lifting) procedures 

2) effectively transmits more than  95% of ultrasonic energy to skin.

3) shows 3x higher drug absorption and skin improvement effect.

On the other hand, HIFU specialized compamy KORUST Co., Ltd. has a CENTERLESS lifting device lineup (UTIMS A3, UTIMS MINI, and UTIMS MINI-S (Handy type)) 

that shows low pain and most effective effects.

CENTERLESS lifting technology is PATENT OWNED BY KORUST, and it has been loved worldwide. Becuase of its low side effects and pain compared to OTHER LIFTING DEVICE

and it creates stable and FOCAL HEAT LESSION, and has the differentiation that maximizes treatment outcomes.

"This K-MED EXPO in Indonesia was a meaningful time to get a glimpse of the possibility of entering the market into Indonesia," a KORUST CO., Ltd. official said.