Korust Co., Ltd. participated in the Vietbeauty 2023

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Korust Co., Ltd. participated in the Vietbeauty 2023 (July 27-29, 2023), 

an international beauty trade fair held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


This event provided an excellent opportunity to grasp the trends in the beauty markets of Vietnam and Southeast Asia and to understand the global positioning of Korean products. 


Over the past decade, the Vietnamese economy has been steadily developing, influenced by both Chinese and Korean cultures, 

leading to a rapid growth in the interest of young Vietnamese individuals in beauty. Furthermore, Vietnam imports 93% of its beauty industry products, 

making it a significant market to watch in the global beauty sector. Many experts evaluate the next 10 years as the "golden age" of spa and beauty care in Vietnam. 


Korust Co., Ltd. exhibited UTIMS A3-R, UTIMS MINI, CELLEON, and GINOXELL to local customers and buyers.

The product, CELLEON, gained popularity and substantial interest at the K-MED EXPO @VIETNAM in June as well as at the Vietbeauty exhibition in July. 

CELLEON utilizes Dual Dynamic Ultrasonic (DDU) technology to decrease matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) while increasing heat shock proteins (HSPs) and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), 

effectively achieving protein degradation and promoting moisture retention. 


For young Vietnamese women seeking skin whitening effects, the non-invasive aesthetic device, GINOXELL (stem-cell skincare product), 

in combination with treatment, can maximize not only skin whitening but also radiance and wrinkle improvement. 


Meanwhile, Korust Co., Ltd. stands out in the skin lifting market with its patented technology "Centerless Lifting," 

which has gained popularity among buyers and medical professionals. UTIMS and UTIMS MINI are both HIFU devices that employ Centerless Lifting technology. 


The Key characteristics of Centereless Lifting include: 

· Minimization of the chance of superficial burns and pain on the skin. 

· Delivery of strong energy with a short pulse duration. 

· Facilitation of faster and easier treatments, along with the creation of stable heat lesions. 


There is a lineup of 12 Face & Body Lifting transducers and 3 Pen-type transducers, enhancing convenience through the real-time management service. 

"ULINK." Korust Co., Ltd. plans to actively promote to upscale clinics that prefer Korean products and strategically expand into the Vietnamese market."


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UTIMS A3-R, UTIMS Mini : Face Lifting & Body Contouring HIFU device
CELLEON : CELLEON Therapy is a non-invasive procedure device for skin rejuvenation and body tightening 

                     using dual frequency and 10 MHz nano ultrasonic energy
GINOXELL : Triple functional solution using stem cell cosmetics for ultrasound treatment (wrinkle care, whitening, illuminating skin)