Korust Co., Ltd. participates in 'K-MED EXPO'... taking the lead in targeting the Vietnamese skin beauty market

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Date 23-07-17 10:41

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Korust Co., Ltd. participates in 'K-MED EXPO'... 

taking the lead in targeting the Vietnamese skin beauty market



Korust Co., Ltd., a global medical device manufacturer, participated in the "K-MED EXPO" from June 15 to June 17.

At this exhibition, Korust Co., Ltd. presented UTIMS A3-R, UTIMS MINI, CELLEON, and GINOXELL to various buyers, 

including beauty medical device distributors, cosmetics distributors, and dermatologists.


A particularly popular product was CELLEON, which is a non-invasive aesthetic device with excellent anti-aging effects 

by dramatically lowering destructive proteins (MMPs) and increasing regenerative proteins (HSPs) and moisturizing factors 

(GAGs) with high-density ultrasonic energy at other frequencies using Dual Dynamic Ultrasonic (DDU) technology.


CELLEON would be more popular in Vietnam because it could achieve synergy when combined with other treatments such as 

RF Thermage, HIFU, and Aqua peeling, and when used with GINOXELL (Stemcell Costmetics), it could expect the "whitening effect" 

that Vietnamese women want.


Meanwhile, Korust Co., Ltd. has developed patented products such as high-frequency chest wall vibrator CAREWAY (BETTRA) 

as well as high-intensity focused ultrasound medical devices (UTIMS A3-R, UTIMS MINI) as a manufacturer specializing in medical devices. 

With its proven technology, it has obtained local certification such as the Food and Drug Administration, CE MDD, TFDA, GMP, and 

ISO 13485 and is actively exporting to 28 overseas countries.


Korust Co., Ltd. official said, "We plan to actively find new exclusive distributors and succesfully enter the Vietnamese beauty market 

by participating in the VIET BEAUTY exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City in July."

* * View product details (Click each product name to link to the product website.)
UTIMS A3-R, UTIMS Mini : Face Lifting & Body Contouring HIFU device
CELLEON : CELLEON Therapy is a non-invasive procedure device for skin rejuvenation and body tightening using dual frequency and 10 MHz nano ultrasonic energy
GINOXELL : Triple functional solution using stem cell cosmetics for ultrasound treatment (wrinkle care, whitening, glowing skin)